Nebraska, NE

Nebraska, the 16th largest state, is known as the ‘Cornhusker State’ due to the large amount of corn the state produces.  Crossed by many historic explorers, Nebraska has long been a stopover point for western migration and much of its population growth as a territory came from pioneers heading west who preferred Nebraska cattle-friendly prairie.

Agriculture, most notably grains and livestock, is a prime component of Nebraska’s economy and its supplementary industries, such as transportation and machine production, also constitute a significant part of the state’s economic output.  As a Midwest state Nebraska is largely treeless and prone to violent storms and tornado outbreaks when the season strikes; and is also a prime location for historic pioneer era landmarks and parks.

Much of Nebraska’s population is clustered near the eastern state line around Omaha and Lincoln.  Smaller concentrations can be found in the southern part of the state along the east-west interstate highway.


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